Introduce EV charger by MyEnergi- Zappi 2.1

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“Widely regarded as the optimal choice for homes equipped with solar panels, this charger enables you to power your vehicle using sunlight. Key features include smart charging capabilities accessible through the MyEnergi App. This versatile unit is compatible with all plug-in vehicles. You can select the standard untethered option or opt for an upgrade to a tethered unit.”

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  • 0% 0% VAT Installation with your solar package Take advantage of 0% VAT deal with your solar package to make your EV charger installation even more affordable
  • £ Price Match We will always price match with any of the competition so you know you are getting the best deal
  • Fast Installation Need your EV charger installed urgently? Our engineers can be out to your property and have you installed within 2 weeks!
  • Charge Your Car For Less Use the sun to charge your car or combine your charger with one of our batteries and use that saved up energy to fill up your car

  • 01 Home EV Charging Made Easy As accredited installers and distributors, we offer a range of top-notch EV chargers from Zappi, designed to simplify and enhance the EV charging experience for homeowners.
    - Smart charging
    - Solar charging
    - Fuse protection
    - Wi-Fi, Ethernet
    - Tethered or untethered
  • 02 Approved 7.2kWh EV Charger (Tethered or Untethered)

    Select from the tethered version (charging cable attached) or the untethered version (charging cable not included). Type 1 vehicles will require an adapter for the tethered version

    The tethered version comes with a 6.5m cable.

    - Speed
    Charges your car 3 times faster (at 7 kW) than a regular 3-pin plug
    Capable of lowering the power output if necessary (see “fuse protection” and "solar charging")

    - Smart charging
    Change your charging settings and monitor the flow of electricity through your home with the MyEnergi app. The app is able to show you the energy consumption of any piece of equipment that is connected to the Zappi (via cables, 2 of which come as standard). This could be your solar panels, battery storage, or even hot tub
  • 03 Introducing the Zappi Eco Smart EV Charger - Solar charging
    Eco and Eco+ mode prioritise your excess rooftop solar generation over energy from the grid. Eco mode charges your car at minimum power (1.4kW) until it detects excess solar generation
    Eco+ mode won’t charge your car at all unless you’re producing more solar power than you're using in the house

    - Smart Charging
    Zappi's software has been designed for use alongside home battery storage and solar hot water diversion systems. Allowing you to prioritise how you use your solar power - either going first to your car, your battery or your hot water tank

    - Fuse protection
    Fuse protection (also known as "load balancing") reduces power to the car if your home’s usage gets close to your fuse limit. Now drivers with low home fuse limits can still charge at full power most of the time
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