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Our workforce is made up of dedicated individuals who take great pride in their work.

Since starting our business in 2013, we have built a workforce of individuals deeply committed to their roles, each taking immense pride in their work. Specialising in electronics and electrician services, alongside our focus on smart control, product manufacturing services, and renewable solutions, our team has consistently demonstrated strong dedication and innovation in these diverse yet interconnected fields.

We are engaged in the fields of commercial and residential solar solutions, power storage, EV charging

We specialise in cutting-edge commercial and residential solar power systems, offering a range of services including efficient power storage, advanced EV charging, and smart control technology. Utilizing the latest in cloud computing and mobile app development, we provide seamless, user-friendly management of energy systems. Committed to sustainability and innovation, we deliver reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

MCS Certified Installer

– We are MCS, NAPIT, ISO certified installer

Home Solar PV Solution

– Renuitt’s Home Solar PV Solution: Advanced, Sustainable,  Efficient and Affordable

Commercial Solar PV Solutions

– We offer advanced Commercial & Utility PV Solutions: Optimising Solar Energy at Scale

What Tax Incentives Are There for Solar Installation in the UK?

Installing solar panels is an excellent way to reduce your ever-increasing energy bills and enjoy sustainable and green energy. That being said, one of the primary downsides of …

Use the power of solar energy and save your money with affordable solutions

Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Technology

1. What Are the Advantages of Solar Panel Installation?Installing solar panels offers numerous benefits, including a significant reduction in your electricity bills, a lower carbon footprint, and an increase in your property’s value. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable power source, with systems requiring minimal upkeep after setup. Embrace the future of energy with solar technology.

2. Can Solar Panels Power Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers?
Absolutely. Solar panels can power EV chargers, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle with clean, green energy. This integration not only supports environmental sustainability but also diminishes our dependency on fossil fuels, making your transportation eco-friendlier.

3. How Do Heat Pumps Stand Out From Traditional Heating and Cooling Systems?
Heat pumps excel in energy efficiency by transferring heat rather than generating it, setting them apart from conventional heating and cooling systems. This method is not only more environmentally friendly but also more cost-effective, offering a smarter choice for both heating and cooling needs.

4. What Government Incentives Exist for Green Technology Installation? Government is offering enticing incentives, such as rebates, tax credits, and grants, to promote the installation of green technologies like solar panels, EV chargers, and heat pumps. These incentives aim to foster the adoption of renewable energy solutions and make eco-friendly choices more accessible. Contact us for more info.

5. How to Choose the Appropriate Solar Panel, EV Charger, or Heat Pump for Your Home?
Selecting the right size and type of solar panel, EV charger, or heat pump depends on several factors, including your energy requirements, budget, available installation space, and specific needs. Consulting with a renewable energy professional can provide personalized advice to ensure you find the best fit for your home or business.

6. What Are the Lifespans and Maintenance Needs of These Technologies?
Solar panels boast a longevity of over 25 years, EV chargers are expected to last between 10 to 15 years, and heat pumps can serve you well for 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Although these technologies are designed for minimal upkeep, regular inspections by a professional are recommended to maintain optimal performance.