Our most popular and affordable Solar PV systems by award-winning RENUiTT renewables solution provider.
– Installed, commissioned and tested by a fully qualified team to ensure MCS compliance
– Features new and improved high energy-yielding Longi solar panels and smart energy inverter
– Suitable to those already have Scaffolding in place or not required (subject to site survey)

If you have any queries regarding this package please contact us on +44 (0)20 81065556 or email info@renuitt.com

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Renuitt introduces a premium 3kW Solar Panels System, including 8 high-efficiency 430W panels, fully installed at a starting price of £3,999. This package, often referred to as the 3kW system for simplicity, actually exceeds expectations by delivering a higher output of 3.44kW. An impressive 99% of our clients benefit from this offer without incurring any extra charges. For more details, we invite you to get in touch with us.

What’s Included in This Exclusive Solar Package?

  • Enhanced 3.44kW Solar Power Output: Despite being marketed as a 3kW system, this package provides an additional 440W of power, offering superior energy generation capacity.
    Installation by MCS Certified Professionals: Ensures your system is installed to the highest standards for maximum efficiency and reliability.
  • Longi Hi MO 430W Solar Panels: Featuring a sleek black frame design, these panels are not only aesthetically pleasing but also boast a high module conversion efficiency of up to 21.0%, with a power tolerance of 0~3%.
  • Growatt MIN 3600 TL-X Inverter: This state-of-the-art inverter comes with Dual MPPT Single Phase technology, offering a maximum efficiency of 98.4% and future-proof battery readiness.
  • Optional Solar Panel Optimiser: Depending on your installation scenario, an optimiser could boost each panel’s performance by up to 30%, maximising your energy output.
  •  Should scaffolding be required, you have the option to arrange it yourself, or we can organise it on your behalf at additional trade price, determined after a site survey

Why Choose the 3kW Solar Panels System from RENUiTT?

Investing in solar energy is more relevant now than ever, with escalating energy prices and the pressing issue of global warming. Opting for a 3.44kW system from RENUiTT, an award-winning leader in renewable energy installations, not only reduces your electricity bills but also minimizes your carbon footprint significantly. Each system is custom-designed for your roof, ensuring optimal performance and MCS compliance.

RENUiTT is accredited by HIES, guaranteeing adherence to the highest quality standards. Our comprehensive package includes a full system report, bespoke roof design, specialist mounting system, and a complete installation service. For those who may need it, scaffolding can be arranged by us following a site survey, ensuring a seamless installation process.

System Benefits and Components

  • Reduce Electricity Bills: Leverage free sunlight to cut down your energy expenses.
  • Eco-Friendly: Lower your carbon emissions and contribute to a greener planet.
  • Longi Hi Mo 430W Panels: World-renowned for efficiency, with a 25-year warranty.
  • Growatt MIN 3600 TL-X Inverter**: Ensures high efficiency with a 10-year warranty.

Regional Benefits Across the UK

London: 3kW Solar Panels Systems in London, these systems are not merely commonplace; they’re a savvy investment, delivering significant energy savings and a prompt return on investment (ROI).
3kW Solar Panels System Birmingham: Residents and businesses in Birmingham are opting for our competitively priced 3kW solar panels, recognising their blend of efficiency and speedy ROI.
Bristol: These 3kW Solar Panels System in Bristol are advancing green initiatives with their affordability and rapid ROI.
Cambridge: Its distinctive mix of historical and contemporary architecture is now augmented by these cost-effective 3kW Solar Panels Systems in Cambridge.
Oxford: The scholarly and residential circles are quickly adopting our 3kW solar panels in Oxford, enticed by the promise of quick returns.
Southampton: The maritime climate is ideally suited to the 3kW solar panel systems in Southampton, maximising efficiency and ROI.
Brighton: Its pledge to sustainable living is bolstered by the cost-efficiency and swift payback of these 3kW solar systems in Brigton.
Coventry: The industrial sectors consider these 3kW solar panel systems in Coventry essential for their environmental and financial benefits.
Leicester is experiencing a surge in solar adoption, with our 3kW solar panel systems in Leicester leading the charge in efficiency and quick return on investment (ROI).
Nottingham‘s move towards sustainable energy is driven by the cost-effective 3kW solar panel systems in Nottingham, ensuring a swift ROI.

For inquiries, please contact RENUiTT at info@renuitt.com or call 020 81065556 ; 07886806288


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