(1) 6°C Cooling: Water inlet/outlet 7/12°C, room temperature DB/WB 27/19°C;

(2) Heating: Water inlet 50°C, water flow rate as in cooling operation, room temperature 20°C;

(3) Heating: Water inlet 70°C, outlet 60°C, room temperature 20°C;

(4) Air flow measured with clean filter;

(5) Sound pressure level tested as per EN12102:2008 and IsO3745:2012, and certified by Intertek;

(6) The specifications are subject to change without prior notice. For actual specifications of unit, please refer to the stickers on the unit

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Harnitek Air to water heat pump

The Harnitek R32 air source heat pumps,are the next generation of domestic air to water heat pumps. This class leading heat pump uses R32 refrigerant for exceptional cold weather performance and efficiency


The new Harnitek R32 heat pump is built for exceptional efficiency & reliability, capable of flow temperatures, making it the ideal choice for new and existing heating systems. It is incredibly quiet at just 38dBa when in use. This means the ThermoAIR plus can be installed close to adjacent properties, opening up renewable heating and hot water to almost all properties. The lightweight design of the outdoor units offers flexible installation options.

Next Generation Efficiency

Performance Hub Gateway

Introducing Harnitek’s range of A+++ R32 Heat pumps. All units are fully accredited at Low and medium heat outputs. Market leading SCOP of 4.7 meaning exceptional year round performance and faster recovery times.

All Harnitek Smart Hub units can be linked to the internet through the integrated Modem. The online Performance Hub Gateway gives end users and installers a fully programmable platform for programming the system and optimising efficiency of performance.

Touch Screen LED

Lightweight units

Harnitek Smart Hub units have a large simple to use touch screen LED controller. Basic quick functions and extended system analysis can be carried out directly through the screen.

Lightweight outdoor units makes handling and installing the outdoor units manageable for 2 engineers. Suitable for easy wall mounting options without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Quiet functionality

UK Technical Support and training

Harnitek heat pumps are exceptionally quiet, rated at only 38db at 2.1m. It is hard to define how quiet something is, but we are confident you will be astonished at the performance. Settings allow additional ‘quiet mode’ for the most sensitive locations.

Harnitek heat pumps are supported by a UK based training and support center. Harnitek installations should be successful first and every time, with system support carried out remotely using the Performance Hub Gateway.

Hybrid Compatible

Simple Installation

Harnitek heat pumps also control any secondary heating source. Simply connect to the Smart Hub to allow secondary sources to contribute to your overall heating demand.

Harnitek heat pumps have simplicity of installation & maintenance at the core of their design. Many of the technical aspects of heat pump installation are pre-assembled into the Smart Hub, saving installation time and allowing all key components to be monitored via the Performance Hub Gateway.

Harnitek Heap Pump Models

Free Online Monitoring

Both the Harnitek Mono and the Combi units have remote Wi-fi or hardwired monitoring available for the control, programming and maintenance of the heat pump.

The monitoring platform is MYHEATPUMP and is exceptionally detailed. This powerful support to every Harnitek installation allows onsite support to be carried out remotely. The monitoring allows upgrades, weather compensations features, system resetting and even performance optimisation to be remotely carried out.

Installing Harintek heat pumps is extremely simple due to the Mono and Combi units allowing fast, consistent installations. The free monitoring provides customers and installers with the security and safety. It is essential to successfully introducing large scale deployment of heat pumps to have online support and monitoring for installers and end customers. With Harnitek products this is free.

Key features

Circulate hot or cold water through circuits embedded within the coils and move the room air over, to heat or cool the air in order to condition a space. Harnitek provides wide rangeof fan coil units in different styles with DC available motors.





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